Which Boots Hurt The Most?

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 666/mb

It’s been far too long since my boots have felt that oh so sexy CRUNCH that only a slave’s testicles can provide. Perhaps I went a little over board but I decided to pit three pairs of my most brutal ballbusting boots against each other in a competition to see which one’s could f$ck my slave up the most! LOL!I start off with my round toed, ankle boots. They only have a three and half inch chunky heel , however they are very easy to maneuver about in, and have a really great weight to size ratio which makes them ideal for SLAMMING into nuts. For my long time fans, you may know the story behind these boots; they were my very first pair of ballbusting boots purchased with the specific intention of busting my step brother’s balls. HEHEHE.I warm up my slave with some knees before slamming many HARD kicks into it’s crotch. I use a slow and menacing approach, carefully timing my kicks to inflict as much force and pain as possible. In this clip, the slave is completely naked so I can watch as those nuts fly after every brutal kick.I also have it stand in front of the camera, with it’s back to me so I can BOOT it HARD from behind, and the fans at home get to see a close up of my boot’s crushing balls. I want to keep my legs strong and full of energy for my next pair of boots so I give them a break as I finish off the clip by grabbing, squeezing and punching this loser in the balls.

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